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Just how to maintain teabag packing device

Tea packaging maker are commonly used in herbal tea packaging, as well as some medicine as well as other fields which need to have within and also outside bag. Therefore cleaning work is actually especially essential, after that exactly how to clean it appropriately?

1, on a regular basis inspect the mechanical parts once a month, consisting of the earthworm, earthworm post, lubricating block bolts, bearings and also various other activities become part of the versatile as well as put on conditions, found flaws ought to be actually quickly fixed, not pushed to make use of.

2, the equipment should be actually positioned in a tidy as well as clean in the house make use of, certainly not in the atmosphere containing acids as well as various other acrid gasolines on the body of making use of areas.

3, after making use of, you need to remove the spinning drum to clean as well as comb the remaining product within the container, after that installed and also plan for upcoming opportunity.

4, when the drum in the work happened prior to and after moving, feel free to adjust the frontal bearing stroke M10 screw to the necessary location. If the cog shaft is actually moving, readjust the M10 screw to the necessary placement on the rear end of the bearing frame, adjust the space to create the bearing no sound, hand pulley, elastic suitable, also tough or even too loosened may damage the machine.

5, if equipment throughout outage for a long time, the machine needs to be actually rubbed clean the entire body system, the soft component of the machine covered with anti-rust oil, along with a good cloth.

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